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Helpful Products

The easiest way to dimish your water waste is to use water efficient products where ever possible. Here is a list of products available for reducing water waste indoors and outdoors.

  • Aerating shower heads mix water with air in order to use less water while maintaining the same volume so the flow is not affected.

  • FLUID is a smart domestic water meter that sends real time data to an app and tracks how much water is being used and which appliances account for the most usage. It is the future of water metering as it is non-invasive and can tell you how much water is being used by each applience. However, the company is currently only doing pre-orders.

  • Moisture/pH detectors can be placed in lawns or house plants to identify when and how much they need to be watered. Using a detector prevents you from overwatering and killing plants, and prevents runoff.

  • Water Pebble is a shower appliance that monitors water flow, times the shower, and alerts to when the shower should end. This allows you to track how long you shower and to be more mindful about saving water while showering.

  • Hippo the Water Saver is a polyethylene bag placed in a toilet tank to minimize water usage. The more space it takes up, the more water it will save. The types available are the Hippo 9 (which saves 3 liters per flush) and the Hippo 7 (which saves 2 liters per flush).

  • Ultrasonic water meters use vibrations to calculate water flow and therefore how much water is being used.

  • Positive displacement water meters are common in residential and small commercial buildings. It directly measures the volume of liquid that passes through the meter by trapping water in a chamber and counting how many times the chamber is refilled.

  • WaterSense is an EPA endorsed label for residential and commercial appliances that are water efficient. WaterSense toilets, urinals, spray sprinkler bodies, shower heads, bathroom faucets, irrigations controllers, and pre-rinse spray valves.
  • Automatic shut-off nozzles attach to yard hoses. When the trigger of the hose is not being held down, but the water is still on, the nozzles shut off the flow so excess water is not wasted. As an added bonus, this helps decrease harmful runoff into rivers and oceans.

  • Fill cycle diverters help the bowl and the tank of a toilet finish refilling at about the same time. More water is directed into the tank and less water into the bowl. Without a diverter, the water will continue to run and fill the bowl until the tank is full, but this is extremely wasteful. Most water providers will give customers free diverters.

  • Toilet leak detectors can vary in type. Dye tablets that release dye when a leak is detected are quite common, but products like the LeakAlertor 6000 � also work. This product is a battery operated with visual and audible alerts to when wide-open/stuck flappers, toilet overflows, leaking flappers/flush valves, fill valve equilibrium, tank leaks, water spilling into the overflow tube.