Water Warriors

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Indoor Tips

You use water everday, from washing your face in the morning to doing laundry and cleaning dishes. Here are some tips on how to conserve water indoors, without compromising anything:


  1. Reuse clean water
    • Any water used during washing or boiling vegetables can be reused to water plants.
    • While waiting for hot water you can fill a container to reuse the water to water plants or use later for cooking.
  2. Use limited amount of water for food.
    • Clean food with brushes as much as possible before using water
    • Instead of letting the water run while cleaning foods put water in a container to clean food
  3. Defrost efficiently
    • Put frozen foods in refrigerator the night before instead of running water to defrost it.
    • If the frozen food is wrapped you can defrost in a bowl of cold water.
    • Alternatively, you can use the microwave.
  4. Wash Dishes efficiently
    • Use spatulas and brushes to clean dishes instead of rinsing.
    • Soak dishes in a bucket of soapy water to minimize the amount of water used to wash the dish.
    • Always fill the dishwasher completely before starting.


  1. Fix leaks
    • Test for leaks by putting food coloring in your toilet tank and wait 10-15 minutes without flushing to see if it leaks into the bowl .
    • As soon as you find out your shower is leaking, fixing the leak will help conserve water and money. Leaks are one of the biggest wasters of water inside of the home.
  2. Low-flow toilet
    • Using a low flow toilets can cut the amount of water yoyu use per flush in half.
    • Programs, including the EPA, offer grants for buying low-flow toilets.
  3. Brush efficiently
    • Use cups to rinse mouth instead of letting the water run.
    • You've probably heard this before, but make sure the faucet is off while you are brushing your teeth. This can save up to 200 gallons per month!
  4. Shower
    • Taking showers are better than taking a bath, as long as you keep your shower under 10 minutes (which is highkly reccomended!)
    • Install a water saving showerhead, such as an aerating showerhead, which has the same pressure and volume but still helps the environment.
    • To maximuze the efficiency of you shower, limit the time of your shower just by a few minutes.
Laundry Room
  1. Wash full loads
    • When you was full loads of laundry you save water and energy
  2. Install a water efficient washing machine
    • The amount of water you save annually by using a water efficient washing machine is more than people one person drinks in a lifetime!
    • Grants can be given if your washer is an energy star label model.